• Silica Sand
    • For the use in Artificial Cast Stone Making with Top Grade Washed Silica Sands
      and Limestones.
      For the Dairy Industry/ Beef Cattle we deliver a washed Silica Sand for the long term health benefits of the cattle for a bedding purpose.
      For equestrian use of both indoor and outdoor facilities, a range of washed silica sand can be supplied to you for your usage and budget.
  • Decorative
    • Decorative products which have become popular over the years can be supplied for
      Large projects in 20/29 ton loads, or to commercial premises for a bagging process.
      These include Slate Chipping's, Black Basalt and many other decorative gravels from
      around the country.
  • Rock Salt
    • Rock Salt can be supplied straight from the Salt Mine loose in 20/29 ton loads.
  • Cattle Cubical Bedding
    • A washed silica sand for the use to line the cattle cubicles, which gives benefits to both the cattle and the farmer by reducing disease and mastitus. In turn cutting costs on their vets bills.
  • Black Basalt
    • Black Basalt is a dark grey to Black Limestone chipping which especially when wet gives an effective black gravel for driveways.